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Commercial Fisheries

Since the formation of Kirk Larsen & Ascanius ¦|in 1973, we have been deeply involved in fishing industry issues. 

We have built up significant specialised expert knowledge and extensive experience within this sector. Developments within the fishing industry in Denmark and throughout the North Atlantic today make great demands on the advice needed by both fishermen and industry. When navigating in a changing market, direct insight and up to date knowledge about the latest regulatory guidelines in the field are paramount. 

As a result of the capitalisation of fishing rights and a decade of significant reorganisation, the fishing industry is now challenged by political demands for interventions against quota concentration as well as closer regulations imposing heavy requirements in relation to diligent registration of ownership and financial relations in the industry. 

In order to advice clients on transactions, successions and shareholders’ agreements etc. within the commercial fishing industry, it is absolutely essential to have updated and specialised knowledge of the background and the special rules applicable to:

  • commercial fishing companies,
  • transfer of individually transferrable quotas (ITQs) and individual vessel quotas (IVQs),
  • requirements for commercial fishermen,
  • quota limitations,
  • quota companies,
  • quota pools as well as
  • the continuous regulation and amendment thereof, and registration with the Danish Fisheries Agency’s Register of Fishing Vessels and the Danish Maritime Authorities’ Ship’s Register. 

This is precisely the current and specialised advice we offer to all parties within the commercial fisheries sector.