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Wind Energy

At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, we have developed substantial expert knowledge and experience in the field of wind energy and are therefore skilled sparring partners on every issue concerning wind turbines.
In recent years, political and social developments have resulted in the installation of a large number of wind turbines in Denmark – and the trend seems set to continue.
Dependent on interest sphere, all wind turbine projects can be approached from a number of angles:

  • Wind turbine installers – who wish to develop a landowner’s site as a completed project 
  • Landowners – who wish to safeguard their rights vis-a-vis a wind turbine installer or develop a project on their own 
  • Neighbours – who are going to object to the wind park and/or fight for the largest possible compensation 
  • Financial institutions – which will finance the installation and/or subsequent purchase subject to adequate security 
  • Buyers – who have bought or wish to buy a new or second-hand wind turbine 
  • Sellers – who own or wish to sell a wind turbine in working order

As our knowledge and experience can benefit and protect all interested parties, we can represent installers, landowners, neighbours, buyers, sellers, limited partnerships and financial institutions.
In this connection, it is important to note that our advice is eminently supported by experts in our other commercial specialist areas within company law, construction law, tax law and environmental law, etc.
In addition, we have in-depth knowledge of the industry, developments and pitfalls.
It is imperative to have an authoritative advisor in this sector where the negotiation environment is often complex and may be particularly far-reaching. Common topics may include:

  • Conclusion of landowner agreements
  • Payment for the agreement
  • Negotiating and drafting purchase agreements
  • Applications
  • Drafting of local plans
  • Noise calculations
  • Public enquiries
  • Claims for compensation
  • Option-to-buy scheme
  • Environmental matters
  • Mortgages and other charges
  • Land registration
  • Parcellation for release etc.

The complexity of this area makes great demands on the parties involved in their endeavours to promote and safeguard their interests in the best way possible.
At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, we offer you specialist knowledge and experience, guaranteeing wind turbine advice of extraordinary breadth and depth.
Please contact us for a non-binding discussion of advice on assignments within wind energy.