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International Real Estate


We offer specialised advice to both investors and private individuals acquiring real estate in other countries; and our experience and established network of international partners form a solid foundation for effective advice in all aspects of property transaction outside Denmark.

Investor advice

When investing in real estate in another country it is imperative to ensure that the contractual basis for the investment is sound. Knowledge of legal parameters is paramount as is familiarity with procedure and practice in the individual country.  We assist with advice that safeguards the position of the investor, drawing where necessary on the expertise of our legal and business partners in the country in question. We can, similarly, assist in clarifying the tax situation surrounding the investment.

Private investment


Provision of security in Denmark is different to that which exists elsewhere. Thus, providing security in accordance with standard Danish practice is contingent upon the relevant provisions forming part of the acquisition negotiations of an owner-occupied dwelling.

Buying process

The buying process also differs from country to country.  Attention must be given to a number of factors ranging from the initial contact with estate agent or contractor across potential applications and approvals to payment by instalment and securing of the transfer of ownership. In order to avoid major complications, detailed expert advice may be required.  Our experience and expert knowledge of the acquisition process in a number of countries qualify us as valuable advisors in this field. Please contact us for further information of the specific country in which you consider acquiring real estate.

Co-ownership agreements

When several parties jointly acquire a property, it may be advisable to provide for the rights of the co-owners by way of a co-ownership agreement.  Such an agreement may comprise several provisions, such as, for instance:

  • Rights of occupancy
  • Terms allowing for a situation where one of the parties wishes to sell their share
  • Division of profit/loss when the property is sold, where the parties’ contributions were not equal at the initial acquisition of the property
  • Terms allowing for a situation where one of the parties is unable to honour their contractual commitments

We have extensive expertise in advising on and drafting co-ownership agreements.


When investing in real estate, it is always prudent to seek legal advice covering wills and inheritance, ensuring that the best possible provision is made for the owner occupier/investor and his or her relations. This applies to investments in Danish as well as foreign properties. It goes without saying that our services also cover this area.

9 Oct 2018

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