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At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius we advise banks and businesses on the legal challenges inherent in financing and the process of raising capital.

A wide spectrum of opportunities for raising external financing for day-to-day business operations or one-off projects are available in the market place, such as, for instance, subordinate debt, hybrid capital, convertible stocks, loans and subsidies.

We offer specialised advice on these opportunities to both banks and businesses seeking finance to grow.

Our services within finance include:

  • External financing through subordinate debt, hybrid capital, convertible stocks, loans and subsidies
  • IPOs (initial public offerings) and public issues
  • Legal review of specific credit commitments, loan documents, guarantees, security instruments, mortgages and swaps
  • Refinancing
  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Reconstructions and settlement of non-performing loans
  • Court cases concerning guarantees, banking commitments, securities and liability for financial advice.

Please contact us for more information about our services in finance.