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Residental Property  - Advice on buying

At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, advice on buying residential property focuses on providing the buyer with impartial advice to ensure that negotiations as well as completion of the entire buying process proceed without complications.

The contract of sale is prepared by the seller’s estate agent who solely represents the seller during the buying process. Keeping this in mind, you need us to go through all conditions of the contract for you. The appendices to the contract of sale may contain conditions of great importance to you and your requests; for instance easements may be registered on the property restricting your possibilities to renovate or make a house extension, and the land may be contaminated.

You can rely on the fact that we are on top of the law – and you get an overview and are able to consider all aspects relating to the property before you commit yourself by signing the contract of sale.

You will be assigned a specific contact person throughout the entire process, who will provide you with relevant and qualified advice on all occasions.

Before the transaction:

It is important

  • that you make sure before signing the contract of sale that the contract contains a reservation for the advisor’s and bank’s approval of the transaction in its entirety, which makes it possible for you to cancel the transaction without any expenses on your part
  • that cohabitation relations are clarified, including assessing whether it is necessary to draw up a marriage contract / cohabitation agreement / will.

During the buying negotiations:

We go through the contract of sale and other contract documents, and we will contact the estate agent in case we find that some aspects need further clarification.

You will receive our advice letter containing among other things

  • the need for special conditions relating to insurance arrangements
  • information on the building inspection report, the electric installation condition report, and the home warranty insurance offer as well as your legal position in relation to the seller’s exclusion of liability
  • the need for an independent inspection of the property by a building expert engaged by you
  • draft approval letter to the estate agent

We will forward a final approval of the transaction to the estate agent.

After the transaction:

We will receive a draft digital title deed and completion statement from the seller’s estate agent/adviser and we will make sure that all tasks are performed, either directly by us or by guiding you through the process, and in that way keeping you safe until the transaction is completed.

Finally, you will receive a transcript of the registered digital title deed.

You will find the most frequently asked questions related to house buying by activating this link.

Danske Boligadvokater

Partner and attorney Carsten Holmgaard is member of Danske Boligadvokater (an association of Danish lawyers specialising in the purchase and/or rental of real property) and he has provided advice to individuals and businesses for 35 years – with sale and purchase of real property as his area of specialisation.

Danske Boligadvokater is a national association consisting of well over 150 lawyers, who all provide advice at a high professional level in relation to housing matters. The members of the association have been given the seal of approval as ”BOLIGadvokater” in the business sector, as they solely work to the code of conduct relating to sale and purchase of real property which is agreed between the Danish Bar and Law Society and the National Consumer Council.

9 Oct 2018

Handel med fast ejendom i Spanien er anderledes end i Danmark. Find gode råd om boligkøb i Spanien i artiklen.

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