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Residental Property  - Advice on buying

At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, advice on buying residential property focuses on providing the buyer with impartial advice to ensure that negotiations as well as completion of the entire buying process proceed without complications.
Our services covering the buying of residential property, be it detached houses, owner-occupied flats, cooperative flats or other types of housing and holiday cottages, include the following advice:

Before the transaction:

  • Personal finances, i.e. preparing a budget or reviewing already existing budgets
  • Family and inheritance issues, i.e. primarily how unmarried, cohabiting couples should acquire real estate
  • Taxation matters, including in particular issues concerning the treatment of tax allowances in relation to ownership shares

House prices in the property market generally, including circumstances influencing the price mechanism

During the buying negotiations:

  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of purchase, i.e. direct contact with the estate agent concerning price, special conditions, etc.
  • Financial circumstances, including circumstances which may influence the pricing of the specific property
  • Financing the property, including reviewing the financing proposals from the estate agent or other parties and advice covering the various loan types
  • Legal matters, including planning and building legislation, etc.
  • Insurance matters, including the requirement for special conditions relating to insurance arrangements
  • The building inspection report and the home warranty insurance offer, including in particular clarification of the buyer’s legal position in relation to the seller’s exclusion of liability
  • Advice on building technology, including considering the need for the buyer to instruct an independent building expert to inspect the property
  • Rights of cancellation, including the significance of a lawyer’s approval clause

Fixed-price arrangements, including advice on the implications of a fixed-price arrangement or immediate drawdown of a mortgage-credit loan.

After the transaction:

  • Completion of title transfer, i.e. drafting and registration of digital title deed
  • Statements confirming assumption of mortgage debt, drafting and completion
  • Completion statement, drafting and execution
  • The transaction is completed with a transcript of the registered of digital title deed, without any adverse endorsements, and the release of any deposited amounts