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Debt Collection – Real Estate

Debt collection:
At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius we are specialised in the handling of debt collection of mortgage credit as well as debt collection of other claims secured against real estate.

Our department of debt collection on real estate administers collection of claims secured against real estate from the debtor’s lack of payment till a possible forced sale of the real estate property.

Our clients are primarily mortgage credit institutions, banks and public authorities on behalf of whom we administer the full debt collection – from the forwarding of the first dunning letter till completion of a possible foreclosure sale.

Foreclosure sale:
If the course of the debt collection should result in a forced sale of the real estate property, we have a broad experience with the enforcement of a foreclosure sale.

We will collect relevant material and documents regarding the property in order to prepare the particulars of sale. We will inspect and show the property to prospective buyers etc., and we will draw attention to and respond to possible special relations regarding the property, which is of importance in connection with a sale.

In connection with each case regarding foreclosure sale we will select a team according to the type of property in question – weather it is a farm, a commercial property, a rental property, a private property, a shared ownership property or the like. The administration of the case aims at achieving the highest possible price at the benefit of our clients.

Property management:
The debt collection department also handles administration of properties on behalf of mortgage credit institutions and banks. We will represent our client at the foreclosure sale and manage their interests by placing bids at the property in accordance with the instructions given.

If the property is acquired by our client at the foreclosure sale, we will make sure that the conditions of sale are fulfilled and following we will take care of the administration / running of the property until a sale in the open market is possible.

Before the property is offered for sale in the open market, we will – depending on the nature of the property – review the public registrations and the environmental relations and compare this information with a physical review of the property. All with a view to prepare the property for sale and ensure that the property has the best possible appearance with regards to a sale.

Completion of sale:
Whether or not the property is sold at foreclosure sale or in the open market, we are able to assist our clients in connection with the completion of the sale – including retrieval and registration of digital sheriff’s deed.

We will also take care of transferring possible owner’s mortgage to the buyer, inform public authorities and utility companies of the transfer of ownership and ensure that statements in connection with change of ownership are prepared.

In connection with farming properties we will also ensure proper statements regarding fulfilment of terms of acquisition according to the Danish Law on Agriculture and help the buyer in connection with purchase and transfer of payment rights.