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Assistant  attorney

As assistant attorney with Kirk Larsen & Ascanius you will be a part of an innovative and creative law office with specific focus on the corporate sector. We are busy – however we also prioritize the good working environment with room for humour and a helping hand.

We offer an individually scheduled education, which offers you challenges and responsibility from day one.

Professional challenges

As assistant attorney with us you will in principal be attached to an attorney or a partner, who will ensure that you are assigned to interesting cases, which matches you and your career wishes. It is our wish that you quickly obtain responsibility and that you are independently in charge of most of the case administration and contact with clients.

The assignments will vary according to which department you will be attached. The assignments could for example be the following:

Administration of legal proceedings

  • Assistance in connection with business transfer
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Evaluation of various legal problem areas
  • Legal information search and evaluation of complex legal problem areas
  • Handling of bankruptcy estates and reorganization
  • Reply to clients regarding various inquiries
  • Participation in meetings
  • Preparation of articles
  • Presentations to clients or in connection with inhouse events
  • Marketing-related initiatives

Common to all departments is that you shall obtain a commercial approach to the assignments with a focus on creating value to our clients.

We attach importance to the fact that you are assigned to real and appropriate cases in connection with your compulsory legal proceedings examination.

Personal and professional development

We value your personal and professional development highly, and wish for you to have the best possible basis regarding your future career.

Apart from the fact that you of course participates in the Danish Bar and Law Society’s education for assistant attorney, you will also be able to participate in other relevant external or inhouse courses or course programmes. Such programmes are planned individually for you and could e.g. include intensive English lessons, a course programme on areas of specialization, coaching conversations with focus on sale and value creation for our clients.

Through our membership of the international network LAWorld, you will have the opportunity for an exchange student stay with a foreign law office provided that this is convenient with the career plan scheduled for you.

Furthermore, it is also possible to be posted with an private company.

In addition, we make use of inhouse education plans and usually we plan two biannual personal development reviews in order to discuss your professional ambitions and job satisfaction.

Social events

You will be part of a strong team of assistant attorneys from all of our departments. On a regular basis we arrange professional and social events as well as a Christmas party, a summer party and trips abroad.

Terms of employment

We offer attractive terms of employment and a competitive salary.

If you wish to learn more about the assistant attorney education with Kirk Larsen & Ascanius you are welcome to contact Maria Helbo Holck at phone +45 76 11 54 43 or Lotte Hopballe at phone +45 76 11 54 33.


We use an electronic recruitment system, when we hire new colleagues. Below you can search our vacancies, send unsolicited application and sign up for our job agent. Your information and CV will be stored in our database as we use when we recruit new employees.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Maria Helbo Holck or Lotte Hopballe.

Write or call us for a chat about possible career options