Esbjerg Brygge 28
6700 Esbjerg
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H. C. Andersens Blvd. 45
1553 København V
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Dalgasgade 21, 2
7400 Herning
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Bredgade 67
6900 Skjern
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About us

A business-oriented law firm

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius is a modern law firm with offices in Jutland (in the towns of Esbjerg, Herning and Skjern) as well as in Copenhagen. The firm was established in 1973 and has developed purely through organic growth.

We have an Advisory Board consisting of highly qualified business professionals and an IT Advisory Board with accomplished IT-skilled members who advise on the firm’s strategic development and operations.

The CEO is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company. The short decision-making process means that we are able swiftly to adjust goals and strategies in accordance with ever-changing circumstances. It also means that our business principles are closely aligned with those applying to the operations of the client businesses we serve.

The firm has a total staff of approximately 100 employees.

Value for the client

Our advice is targeted at creating value for the client. Our clients are the business community, and in our legal work we consistently pursue a business-oriented approach. Thus, to ensure the best results overall for our clients, we acknowledge that the law per se may often be but one of many relevant issues to be considered.
Our attorneys are active members of corporate boards of directors, thereby gaining insights into the commercial opportunities and challenges facing executives and owners of a business. Such insights into the premises underpinning the corporate sector are vital to our day-to-day advice.
In addition to conventional legal work, we regularly participate in negotiations on behalf of our clients and have found that one of the areas in which we can offer clients significant added value is exactly by being actively involved at the negotiation table.
Kirk Larsen & Ascanius prioritises contacts and networking highly, and it is our ambition to ensure that our clients benefit from the networks in which we participate. This they do inter alia through contacts generated between potential buyers and sellers as well as business partners.
We measure our success in our ability to secure the greatest possible value for our clients.

IT, availability and capacity

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius constantly seeks improvements to web-based technology. The IT department handles the internal training of colleagues and creates IT solutions ensuring efficient case handling. Online access allows clients to follow the progress of an individual case.
Kirk Larsen & Ascanius is committed to ongoing further training and development. It is our firm belief that a high professional standard within each legal discipline combined with speed and efficiency guarantees optimal case handling. 
Our collaboration with the client is a deciding factor in providing advice of the highest quality, and we make available a specific contact person to ensure quick and efficient handling and co-ordination of a case from start to finish. Relevant attorneys will be brought in, as and when required by the elements and nature of the individual case.