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Sten Kirk Larsen is founder of Kirk Larsen & Ascanius Law Firm. The company was established in 1973. Sten was managing the company during the period up to and including 2006, and as from 2007 he has been executive chairman.

Maria is a specialist lawyer and is primarily engaged in human resources law and data protection law. She has been engaged in employment law since 2007 and data protection law since 2014. Maria is member of the Danish Association of Employment Lawyers.

Tine Kramer Enderlein exclusively focuses on insolvency law, including in particular bankruptcies and restructurings. 

Tine is experienced in the insolvency proceedings of property companies, including rental and general property management. 

In recent years, Tine has administered a large number of bankrupt estates within the farming industry.

Mette’s legal focus is family law and law of succession. The area includes many private law issues, and not least personally issues. Mette has a burning passion for her area of expertise and for helping people, and throughout the years she has gained expert knowledge of the area.