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Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen
Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen is partner and head of Kirk Larsen & Ascanius’ department in Skjern. 

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen is basically only engaged in advising business enterprises, and in the course of this he has joined the Board of Directors in a number of businesses.


Areas of Practice

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen provides overall legal advice with respect to commercial law, but his primary area of practice is construction law. Through his work, Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen has gained an exceptional knowledge and experience in relation to the construction form “turnkey contracts”. 

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen is familiar with the contents of the standard conditions in the form of AB18, ABT18 and ABR 18 as well as the conditions that previously applied in AB92, ABT93 and ABR 89, which is typically used in relation to construction law, and he is also familiar with the comprehensive case law and legal literature available regarding the use of these conditions.

He advises both building owners and performing building contractors. He moreover provides advice to the technical building advisers (engineers, architects, etc.) regarding the special circumstances related to them.

The work related to the legal matters of the building industry comprises all aspects of contracting such as drafting of contracts, advice on conclusion of construction contracts, advice on matters related to the performance of the building or construction work as well as dispute resolution, including expert valuation, payment of guarantees, settlement negotiations, arbitration, etc.

As part of his work, Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen has conducted a number of cases at the Court of Arbitration for Building and Construction Work, and he has also handled construction law disputes at the ordinary courts, including the Supreme Court.

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen also has knowledge and expertise within the legal aspects in connection with purchase of custom-designed products. This is a legal area with many points of similarity to construction law, and to which inter-Scandinavian standard conditions in the form of NLM94, NL92 and subsequent editions typically apply.

Educational Background

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen graduated with a Master’s Degree in law from Aarhus University in 1990 and was admitted to the bar in 1993.

He was granted right of audience before the Danish High Courts in 1993 and the Danish Supreme Court in 1999.

Career History

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, 1990 –


Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen is appointed Chairman and member of the Board of Directors in a number of companies.


Articles / publications

Hans Ladekjær Jeppesen has published articles concerning legal matters relating to construction law in the Danish Weekly Law Report and the Journal for Construction and Housing Law.

Totalentreprenørens særlige retsstilling

Publiceret i Tidsskrift for Bolig- og Byggeret (T:BB) nr. 4/2010.

Tilsynsdispositioner og egen skyld

Publiceret i Tidsskrift for Bolig- og Byggeret (T:BB) nr. 1/1999.

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