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Michael Appel
Michael Appel

Michael Appel is partner and head of Kirk Larsen & Ascanius’ foreign department.

Since his graduation as Master of Law in 2004, he has primarily focused on investment projects, both in Denmark and abroad.


Areas of Practice

Michael Appel is one of the most specialised attorneys in Denmark in relation to handling of assets and issues outside Denmark. 

During most of his career, Michael Appel has built a strong network of attorneys, accountants, estate agents, and other competent intermediaries in connection with advice to primarily commercial clients and financial institutions operating in a wide range of countries within as well as outside the EU. The network is a valuable and time-saving asset when international assignments need to be performed efficiently and satisfactorily. 

In connection with the establishment of new liaisons and search for reliable business partners, Michael Appel uses his experience and know-how on other business cultures; a competence which is essential for a proper case handling when Danish companies and investors act abroad. 

Another important factor in a successful handling of assets is, of course, the contact to public authorities in the respective countries. This may be a very complicated task dependent on geographic location, and in this connection a solid experience, a vast knowledge of the culture, the structure of the authorities as well as a sound knowledge of the human nature – both professionally and personally – is decisive for a successful outcome.


Over the years, there have been many different assignments related to varying types of assets. In particular, Michael Appel has focused on real property, partly sale and purchase and partly development and construction, but he has also experience in relation to other assets such as hotels (management), trading and manufacturing companies, farms, and forest management. 

Michael Appel is capable of solving tasks related to issues abroad at different levels; as attorney and advisor, of course, but also as sparring partner for a management board, a creditor or as problem solver on site in order to close or bring companies and projects on the right track, including, for instance, by entering the management board for a period of time. 

Consequently, during the past 16 years, Michael Appel has acted on behalf of investors in times of prosperity and recession but he has also assisted a number of banks in the country, in particular during the financial crisis, by taking over assignments from them completely or partly in the event that foreign issues required more than the financial competence. Michael Appel always works with a highly commercial approach to the matters, and therefore success-based fee models may be a natural part of the structure.

Educational Background

Michael Appel graduated with a Master’s Degree in law from Aarhus University in 2004 and has previously worked in the banking sector, where he trained as a financial advisor.

Career History

Admitted partner in Kirk Larsen & Ascanius on 1 January 2008
Kirk Larsen & Ascanius 2004 -
Worked in a financial institution from 1994 to 1998.

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