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Tine Kramer Enderlein
Tine Kramer Enderlein

Tine Kramer Enderlein exclusively focuses on insolvency law, including in particular bankruptcies and restructurings. 

Tine is experienced in the insolvency proceedings of property companies, including rental and general property management. 

In recent years, Tine has administered a large number of bankrupt estates within the farming industry.

Areas of Practice

Tine has extensive experience in the administration of farms in distress, including handling of the special credit and lien relations related to this as well as the handling of the operation of the bankrupt estates.

In addition, Tine has achieved a thorough knowledge of the rules governing the agricultural sector in relation to the environment, animal welfare and hectare support, and she also regularly updates her knowledge on the special subsidy schemes administered by the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Food. Tine is also member of the Board of Directors of the Danish Agricultural Lawyers’ Association, which is an association representing lawyers interested and specialised in agricultural law in all its aspects.

Tine has handled several transfers of commercial properties and farm buildings, and in this connection she has also handled transfers characterised as business transfers.

Tine has a commercial approach to the cases and uses her expertise to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the properties as well as the potentiality of the companies in order to optimise a transfer.

Educational background

Tine graduated with a Master’s Degree in law from Aarhus University in 2003 and was admitted to the bar in 2009.

Career History

Det Faglige Hus, January 2005 – July 2007
Dahl Law Firm, July 2007 to January 2010
Det Faglige Hus, January 2010 to April 2014
Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, May 2014


  • Member of the Danish Agricultural Lawyers’ Association
  • Tine is a certified insolvency lawyer
Certificeret insolvensadvokat til hjemmeside
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