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Code of Conduct  

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius has prepared a set of rules of ethics, which constitute the code of conduct that the company’s employees are urged to strive towards.

The code of conduct has been prepared with the purpose that all colleagues meet high professional and ethical standards applicable to the company based on the rules of ethics drawn up by the Danish Bar and Law Society.

It is the wish of the company that clients and business partners will never doubt the credibility and responsibility of the company, and consequently we have decided to supplement the above code of ethics with the below internal rules and intentions:

Responsibility, integrity, confidence and confidentiality

We strive to provide top quality counselling services. We create relations to our clients and business partners and act with a high degree of integrity and ethics so that our clients have full confidence in us. We make our integrity visible by acting from the values of the company. We make an effort, we do the extra things which are not expected, we react and turn up on time, etc., all this to create the best availability and relation for and to our clients and business partners.

Good etiquette and manners

At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, the tone of communication is polite and respectful. We address each other in a good manner, and our communication with our clients and business partners is polite and professional – both verbally and in writing. We do not allow a behavior which may appear offensive to the receiver. In situations where employees feel intruded upon or obtain knowledge of offences in the company, the employees may contact the company’s human resources by encrypted email or use the company’s whistleblower system if they wish to remain unidentified.

We are transparent in relation to the company’s financial situation, strategy, etc., and we encourage our employees to provide information about any observations of inappropriate behavior which the management should know about

Rules of ethics

The company is subject to the rules of ethics from the Danish Bar and Law Society.


Any offer of money, or other services which are substituted for it, with the purpose of influencing a business decision, is considered to be bribery and must under no circumstances be accepted.


Gifts may be used with the aim to expand networks and business relations. This is customary practice and there is no harm in doing this, provided that it is observed that the gift is not given or received as a cash amount, that the present is given or received in a friendly spirit and without expectations of reciprocation. Furthermore, the gift must not be inappropriate or of disproportionately great value.

Conflicts of interests

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius complies with the rules regarding conflicts of interests laid down by the Danish Bar and Law Society. The company has internal procedures in order to ensure that conflicts of interests are avoided. In any case of doubt as to whether a conflict of interests has arisen, the case is handled by the company’s management who will finally determine if there is a conflict of interests or not.

Money laundering

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius is subject to the rules on prevention of money laundering, and consequently we have well-established systems for identifying and tracing transactions, which enable us to demonstrate and prevent circumstances involving potential risks or suspicion of attempts of money laundering.

The company does not allow any employees to take part in such transactions.


The company demands that its suppliers meet approved standards, including trade union demands as well as financial, social and environmental requirements. This way, the suppliers help Kirk Larsen & Ascanius to meet its requirements regarding ethics, sustainability and responsibility.


In connection with purchase and consumption of goods, Kirk Larsen & Ascanius aims, to the extent possible, to purchase organic and eco-friendly goods in order to meet the social and sustainable responsibility which may be expected from us as a business. This means that we demand that our suppliers and business partners meet similar requirements.

Pro Bono

Kirk Larsen & Ascanius performs pro bona work, partly in connection with the free legal consultation services provided locally in the cities where the company has offices, and partly in connection with individual free legal consultation services rendered by our personal injury department. Furthermore, the company participates in a number of social, sporting, cultural and charity events, where we make our manpower available free of charge.

It is important to us to be part of the surrounding society where our offices are situated, and we support the charitable activities of our employees.


Kirk Larsen & Ascanius acts respectfully towards customers, business partners and employees, and everyone is given a fair and respectful treatment regardless of background, race, gender, age, seniority, religion, sexuality, etc. All employees have the same chance to express their opinion and be heard, and they all have easy and unimpeded access to the management.