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Contracts regarding IT is often complex and difficult for both IT suppliers and buyers of IT services. It is therefore important to ensure a clear and legally harmonized contractual basis, so that, for example, the rights and obligations of the parties are determined, in order to quickly and safely navigate any disagreements between the parties regarding the delivery during the contract period.

Our advice includes both drafting and negotiation of IT contracts as well as advice during the contract period. In connection with the preparation of IT contracts, we also advise on the technical and commercial matters which are often included in IT contract appendices, including, for example, service targets and the trial process in order to ensure structured IT projects.

We advise on the following IT contract types:

  • Operating and development contracts
  • Support and maintenance contracts
  • License Agreements
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other as-a-Service contracts
  • Consultant contracts

We have experience with the application and special adaptation of the government standard contracts; K01, K02, K03 and K04 as well as experience with how they are best used within the framework of procurement law. In addition to experience with the standard government contracts, we also have experience with the D17 contract and experience with other commercial IT contracts.

Through our extensive experience in drafting and negotiating IT contracts, we have the prerequisites to contribute to the business clarifications through an understanding of our clients' needs, so that the IT contract is tailored to the purpose.